Center for Healthy Interpreting
Center for Healthy Interpreting


The Center for Healthy Interpreting is a place where interpreters can come together to learn a variety of mind-body, ergonomic, nutritional and other practices and approaches to keeping themselves healthy, physically fit and better able to manage stress.  By working with educators and practitioners from a variety of disciplines, many of whom are also interpreters, the Center strives to help interpreters find balance in their professional and personal lives, maintain their bodies with the physical strength and poise that interpreting requires, their minds with the sustenance and ease that allows them to do their work, and do so in an environment that fosters community and support.


Please take a moment to look over the offerings, drop us a note to let us know what you think, what you would like to see offered or ways you would like to contribute.


Classes and workshops will take place in various locations in Maryland.


One free registration will be available for each class as a work exchange.

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